Wish To Chat, Play Games And Entertain? Yalla App Is Your Answer!!!

An app development company becomes successful with every successful application it delivers. Therefore, it is a matter of pride and pleasure for any such agency when its product fares well with the users.

When we mention the mobile apps industry, it is not just about generating business and catering to clients. Instead, the aim is to build the finest app ever — each time! The motto is to take forward a fantastic idea, turn it into a wonderful reality and a feasible solution!

These solutions further offer convenience, comfort and speed to users and help them perform their daily tasks with ease!

Just when we think a better app cannot pop up or what else is left to impress users, developers come up with an even better tool. Isn’t it amazing?!

One such tool trending in the middle east is the Yalla application, which is Dubai-based and developed by the Chinese. It is a rising star in the region and is expected to become a classic favourite for all soon!

Are you intrigued by it? Do you plan on knowing more about it? Then, keep reading and you will get your answers — for sure!

Let’s get started.

Much ado about the new favourite in the Middle East — YALLA!

So, what is the Yalla app? It is amongst the most popular entertainment, group and voice chat applications. It has basically led to the creation of a community of people who play games and interact with each other from regions nearby or anywhere in the world!

After TikTok, it is the second Chinese-based app that is garnering a huge fan base quite fast! The word ‘Yalla’ means ‘let’s go’ in Arabic. As a result, it has witnessed a drastic increase in the number of users and a subsequent rise in revenue generation!

The monthly users of this app increased fivefold in the past one year and have crossed the mark with more than 12 million users. In addition, the company is well localised, so much so that many people are unaware that the developing team and founders are in China, in Hangzhou.

The efforts of Yang Tao, CEO of this company, have come out with flying colours. It is a beautiful example of a tech company that is a Chinese-foreign hybrid — a successful one that too!

According to him, the middle east region is relatively untapped with regards to apps, websites. This is a toughie but presents an opportunity to grow faster in such a region as well! The Yalla application is a fantastic example in this respect.

What can the users do on this platform?

Mr. Tao came across this idea while he was travelling from Egypt to Afghanistan. So, he thought, why not create something that isn’t around basic typing but involves more — chatting, interactions, games and entertainment. This way, he thought, people can spend hours on the application hanging out together, virtually!

Thus, on Yalla, users can meet new friends here. There are thousands of live rooms for group voice. These rooms can be further filtered by topics or countries.

A plethora of topics are available to choose from and more than fifty countries are available on the platform. It is going to expand with time.

With the pandemic situation at our doorsteps, social distancing is a must. So, what is better than partying with friends from a distance? Yalla offers that.

The users can talk to their friends irrespective of their location; they can sing karaoke together. Furthermore, it allows them to play games directly in the group chat and broadcast their likable music inside the chat room!

Unlike the new talk of the town — Clubhouse — Yalla is majorly woven around chat rooms for a maximum of 20 people who get access after their friends send them an invite. Thus, the founders say, it is like attending a virtual majlis (social gatherings) in Abu Dhabi!

There are in-app virtual presents — a source of happiness for the users and owners too, as they bring in profits for the company!

Let’s discuss the uniqueness!

This platform had two hundred — yes, you read that correctly, 200 content monitors. These are there to listen to in real-time.

Moreover, this has helped thousands of users to raise complaints about grievance redressal successfully. The focus isn’t political, but casual and fun!

What does it offer?

There are a number of different and exciting features this app has. Let us look at them:

  1. One amazing thing — it is totally free!
    As a Yalla user, you can use and have fun at the platform for free! Yes!! Here, you can enjoy live voice chats — which are free — over 3G, 4G, LTE (Telecommunication — Long Term Evolution), Wi-Fi, etc.
  2. There are virtual gifts!!
    Who doesn’t like receiving gifts? Even sending them to kin is fun too! This is also something that Yalla doesn’t rip off of you.
    It allows the user base to send wonderful animated gifts to their loved ones — to spread the love!
  3. The platform offers public chat rooms
    There are thousand plus live chat rooms on this platform. These are from the regions nearby and around the globe. Plus, they cover a number of topics too!
  4. The oh-so-amazing chat games
    We all use several social media platforms; many of them let us interact in a fun way. But this one lets you play games as well!
    You can play games directly in your chat room if this one is installed in your phone!
  5. You can share and follow as much as you like!
    A user gets an option to share their favourite rooms on other social media platforms like — Instagram, FB, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. They can also invite their friends — old and new both, add on new followers and follow some more!
    Fun options are a USP of this application!
  6. Different languages
    The founders have tried to incorporate relevant languages to a great extent for the people belonging to this region!
  7. Your privacy is their priority!
    You can begin private chats and voice conversations with your friends, irrespective of where they are located.

A personal, one-to-one text or voice chats are necessary for any app to become a hit with the people — Yalla has it all!

The craze for applications in present times

The applications are creating a buzz far and wide. They are in every nook and corner of our daily routines, rather our lives! Our non-admission of this hard fact won’t change the reality.

Don’t believe me? Okay, let’s have a rapid-fire round:

  1. What is the thing we check as soon as we wake up?
  2. What helps us set alarms, order food, clothes and pretty much everything?
  3. How do we get to know about the ongoing trends?
  4. What helps us get to our desired locations or book rides to reach there?
  5. What do we check before we dose off at night?

NOW, you have your answer! Smartphones now are an integral part of our lives and we depend on them.
These small but gorgeously talented machines are taking control of our lives and letting us take control too — simultaneously!

We are always using them, setting alarms, making payments, getting work done, making reservations, book tickets, book cabs, and, of course, for fun too!

These are not all but a handful of reasons why developers and entrepreneurs know the immense potential the application development industry holds.

There is another reason for apps being such a big hit. They have given us what their predecessors couldn’t — immediate gratification. We expect immediate results and so do people in business.

That is one of the reasons why enterprises are always on the lookout for new and better developers!

Thus, quite obviously, the craze won’t die down anytime soon. So, everyone is trying to make hay while the sun shines; and this sun is not going to set.

To wrap things up

The kind of craze applications have generated is unlike any other product in the market! They are being used by everyone — age, religion, sex, race, ethnicity, nationality — no bar!

They have brought people together and thanks to them and the ever-evolving technologies that the world is a more compact space. So, when your peers are benefitting by adopting the most updated tools and techniques, why shouldn’t you, right?!

So don’t wait up and make a decision right now. Procrastination won’t bring any business or revenue — taking the right action definitely will!

Whether it is any apps you wish to get developed — hybrid, native or react native app development company in Dubai is your solution! Field experts can create all sorts of applications, websites and help you take your business a notch higher!



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