Why Is There A Buzz Around Noo-Gah! Mobile App — An Opinion-Sharing Platform?

Social media apps are a potent business and marketing tool in present times. They offer a platform for everyone to connect, increase their reach, garner a robust user base and know about different kinds of enterprises.

Whatever is well received by users fares extremely well and paves a path for others to follow. This gives buyers, sellers, consumers, and producers different choices and gives impetus to healthy competition!

Thus, all kinds of socialising platforms are coming up. The best part — people have been warm and welcoming about them, provided these apps/websites do not skimp on the quality and user interface.

With that in the background, let us explore a little more about these platforms and a new entrant in the S-town — noo-gah! It also lets people socialise, but is different from conventional socialising platforms.

Intrigued already?! Keep reading to know more, then!

Let’s first understand fundamentals regarding any social media app

What are these applications that let us socialise?

What do we understand by this or their development process?

Let’s find out!

Though there existed no definition per se of a social-media app, with increasing smartphone users the definition of such platforms has solidified over time!
They refer to any medium that makes social interaction between people possible. The interaction can be of any kind — through posts, messages, pictures, carousels, videos, audio notes, etc.

All this happens online — a continuous internet connection is mandatory to connect to all kinds of people, from across the globe in no time!

The term social-media has become synonymous with mobile or web-based communication. It has made the world a compact space, where everyone is accessible — creed, race, caste, ethnicity, religion, etc., no bar!

Are there any types or, all of such apps are the same — you might be wondering. Yes! There are types to these platforms; let us have a look:

  1. Collaborative projects
  2. Social communities online
  3. Appraisal platforms
  4. Online forums
  5. E-Magazines
  6. Social blogposts
  7. Video blogs
  8. Audio blogs
  9. Virtual gaming worlds
  10. Social bookmarking, etc.

The list mentioned above, is not exhaustive, of course. But these are the most popular types of the corresponding apps.

But hey! What about the new entrant in town — noo-gah!

All of us have our own respective opinions; irrespective of our levels of expressions, we all want to share our views, opinions and thoughts on a number of things, events, phenomenon, etc.

The bitter truth is, in present times, everybody wants that, tries that but isn’t able to reach as many people. Why? People in billions try that — social apps have done that to the millennials and every other generation using smartphones and related technology!

With voicing opinions becoming a problem, the application noo-gah! was conceived! The team with noo-gah! aims to provide the right opportunities for everyone to express their views and opinions.

It is a platform where like-minded people can exchange thoughts, discuss different viewpoints and conduct dialogues!

What are the exciting features people are gabbing about?

noo-gah! isn’t just about expressing oneself, but it also has several interesting features. Let’s have a look at some of them:

- Users can earn rewards for their opinions!

- Video replies can also be shared here — to increase engagement and reach.

- Regular polls keep taking place here — to update users about what their community thinks.

- The platform offers a rich experience through gamification and Rewards & Recognition Program.

The noo-gah! team believes that major developments in the world, anywhere, are thought and word-driven. Thus, it is crucial to come together on a platform and create a difference for the better!

Rational opinions can influence us as they are thought-provoking. Important discussions around relevant subjects and topics, too, play a significant role in one’s own growth and development. This app intends to do the same!

So, how does this platform stand out?

  • It has been positioned as a neutral and equal opportunity giving domain for users.
  • This opinion aggregator will enable seamless communication with an audience that’s global.
  • The aim here is to leverage the power of opinions and enable like-minded people to connect.
  • It has elements of gamification and loyalty rewards and is available on both — Android and iOS.
  • After setting up their profile, user can begin using the app by uploading a video not more than 2-minute in length. The video can be an opinion of a person on a wide array of topics.
  • The reply doesn’t have to be necessarily in a video format — users can reply textually too!
  • According to the founders, the app’s aim is to provide a podium for change-makers who wish to bring a positive transformation.
  • The motto of noo-gah! is to bring out conversations that aren’t merely entertainment-related!

Why are such platforms trending?

The reasons for any social media podium to trend are many-fold. So, let us learn about them quickly!

  1. They offer an increased reach to businesses and users alike!
  2. Their use keeps people updated about trends and other worldly happenings.
  3. They offer a great way to promote one’s business, art, talent, etc.
  4. The best part is, people can put up and consume personalised content. How creative they can be, is up to them!
  5. They have created a level playing field for everyone — if you showcase whatever you are good at, you are bound to see a heavy foot-fall on your profile and activity!

A few final words for the readers

Even before you went through this blog post, you were well aware about different social platforms, right, dear readers?!!

Clearly, such apps and websites have left an impressive imprint on our minds. They are being loved by people — business owners and users — alike!

Moreover, they are beneficial and entertaining for the populace. So, if you are considering entering this domain, I have only this to suggest — DO IT NOW!!

Make hay while the sun shines and make the most out of this wonderful opportunity, without any delay!

Do not sit on that amazing idea of yours to choose social media app development and reach out to the field experts today!

James is a Software Developer at Techugo- a mobile app development company, is a hard-core musician as well.