How To Create Audio Networking Application Like Clubhouse?

“To create an audio networking application like Clubhouse, one needs to go through all the related fundamental aspects. If you want to learn them too, then keep reading this blog!”

The mobile app development industry has been able to create a unique aurora that inspires both budding and famous entrepreneurs and visionaries all over the world. The technology has been able to establish a strong foundation in the market within a short time span of 10 years. And because of the worldwide pandemic, this digital tech flourished even further. 2020 was indeed a spectacular year for the mobile app industry. The global consumer spending on mobile applications touched a colossal figure of $110 billion last year. This figure represents 30% year-over-year growth from 2019 when app stores generated a huge amount of $85 billion.

Such huge profits gave rise to unique development ideas and one such idea was an audio networking application like Clubhouse. Let us learn more about the related technicalities to fetch inspiration from the same.

Introduction To The Popularity Of An Audio Networking Application- Clubhouse

The clubhouse is an invitation-only audio-chat iPhone application. It was launched in April 2020 by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth of Alpha Exploration Co. In May 2020, the app was valued at almost $100 million, and on January 21, 2021, the valuation reached a whopping figure of $1 billion.

Soon after the launch, the application started attracting a lot of attention from Germany, US, Brazil, Japan, etc for two major reasons-

• VIPs all over the world were using the app to discuss various topics.

• It also restricted the number of users to invite-only at the beginning.

Just like any other social media and networking platform, Clubhouse too was a primary source of communication because of the Pandemic for many users. Despite being available only on iOS, the app has witnessed a total download of 8.1 million to date.

If you are interested in presenting the world with a better platform, then you need to work on integrating improved features and functionalities. Since this app is only for iOS users, you can also focus the development to target a wider audience base. Businesses need to come up with advanced and novel techniques to help the user base connect with their friends, peers, colleagues, etc.

Before you jump on to the development process, you need to learn all the reasons that make Clubhouse one of the most popular applications. So without any further ado, let us read this blog further to understand the related details.

Unique Features Audio Networking App Like Clubhouse Must Have

1. Profile creation

The app must allow the user to create a basic profile.

2. Main feed

Users must be presented with a vertical where they can view ongoing chatrooms, search for someone, invite, view upcoming events, etc.

3. Rooms

The room must provide the users with a place where they can view the topic and the members in the room.

4. Groups

The app must allow the users to create clubs or groups in order to host in-app conversations.

5. Notifications

Must present a sorted and direct push notification strategy.

6. Invitation

The users must be allowed to invite their address book contacts for the conversations.

Why Brands Must Invest In An Audio Networking App?

If the gigantic success of Clubhouse was not sufficient to initiate the development of your own audio networking apps, then here are the major benefits that every entrepreneur can achieve by investing in the development process. Take a good look at the listed advantages.

1. Easy content delivery

2. Track ROI of the business and make necessary changes

3. Better targeting options

4. Improved user engagement

5. Additional features for business profiles

6. Strong social networking without spending extra

7. Enhanced brand awareness

8. Improved web traffic

9. Strong purchasing power

Wrapping It Up!

These are all the necessary details that one must know before creating an audio networking app like Clubhouse. But if you want to get hold of all the minor details as well, we suggest that you reach out to the experts. An innovative development team with prior experience in creating similar applications would be a perfect fit. They would be able to help you out with each and every aspect of development, design, quality analysis, advertising, and whatnot. But make sure that you do not collaborate with an inexperienced and bootless team as they can sabotage your growth.

There are several ways in which technology can help a budding startup to create a unique identity in the global market. And the major reason behind this is its ability to bridge the gap between the user and the process. Are you interested in climbing up the success ladder provided by the app industry?

If yes, then don’t wait any longer and initiate your new journey towards success. For any doubts, you can easily reach out to us. Feel free to drop your views in the comment section present below. We would be delighted to help you out with the same. Until then, stay hooked to this portal for more buzz from the tech world.

James is a Software Developer at Techugo- a mobile app development company, is a hard-core musician as well.