Create Your Own Dating App In Australia Like Tinder, Blixr And Dilooni

Post pandemic hit, it became difficult for us to step out, or have a social life and what came to our rescue were dating apps! It became possible and easier to ‘meet’ new people, (virtually of course) from the comfort of our homes.
Such apps have been around for quite some time now, but there is something that makes this domain highly interesting and worth exploring by entrepreneurs. After a point of time, people get easily bored with similar ways of mingling. So… it’s never too late for anyone, who wishes to create their own dating app!

With the above-mentioned notions, I thought why not write something about the kind of dates that people go on, in contemporary times!! Why not brief, both users and entrepreneurs about something they might know superficially but not in detail!! Then it hit me… oh the dating apps!

So, dear reader, this blog will take you through some important details related to such applications; like the development process, not-to-miss features, users’ expectations, etc. If you are in between things and trying to decide whether you should go for developing an application that helps people to mingle, this write-up is for you bud! Keep reading to have a better grasp on things.

What does the development process entail?
Developing an app requires time and effort because there are multiple things that go into making an application. Well begun is half done, they say, so begin with a robust plan in hand and decide how to move ahead with it. This way you can ensure that you deliver according to your set standards and satisfy your user-base.

Of course, I can’t decide or make a plan for you; you are a better judge of that… but I can discuss some crucial pointers to help you get an idea. Read on to know better…

  • The target audience
    It is mandatory to have a set audience in mind. How else would you decide whom to cater to, right?
    The target audience is your focus group that will download the application, use and promote it. If satisfied, this group will advertise your product for you, FOR FREE! Ever heard of free advertising, I haven’t!
  • Front-end development
    This process involves front end developers to render and organize data from the back-end server into the mobile software. Make a choice between native or hybrid development, as it is obligatory to create a dating app for both platforms.
  • Back-end development
    Back-end development involves creating safe, taut and powerful data bases, that will handle personal information in a secure manner. This one is mandatory as you don’t want an unwanted element meddling with the personal information of your clients.
  • UI and UX
    Users prefer an interactive and intuitive design. The more information you can provide on a single screen, with lesser swiping, the better.
    Yes! It is highly important to plan and decide where the content would go and how would the app appear to the users.
  • Testing
    Testing is done to ensure that the application is bug-free and operates smoothly, before its launch. It is crucial to test apps several times to make sure that the users have a glitch-free experience.

Important features of a dating app
Some features are a given, when it comes to dating applications. If they are absent, users might not even understand the usage of such an app. Following are such features that are indispensable if you plan on developing an application that helps people to mingle.

  • Login and user profile
    Every such application needs a profile section, goes without saying. But I still mentioned it, because I don’t want you to miss on anything, even the obvious ones.
    It is the profile that helps break the ice, or initiate that process, at the least. You can keep the profile as detailed or bare-minimum as you like.
  • Communication
    Choose the modes of communication you wish your platform to offer- call, chat etc. NO such platform can operate without any communication, right, eh!
  • Geolocation
    Some applications let users know about the locations of their prospective dates, whether they put up in nearby areas or not. You can include this feature to make your platform more viable.
    Oh yes! Since every other app has the geolocation feature, the users are likely to expect the same in your application too.
  • Push notifications
    Of course the notifications! We all like the ‘ding’ we hear, when we are expecting any update from a favourite one! Notifications make sure the application is used regularly and also, not opened when you don’t want to; the users can smirk and sit comfortably with the fact that there is a message from a special someone.
  • Blocking option
    Now this one is a must have… why? To steer clear from any creep that lurks in the virtual world. Concealing one’s identity is easier on a virtual medium and hence, many times people end up taking undue advantage of that.
    An option to block a person who makes the other feel uncomfortable or threatened in any way, is, as I said, a must-have!
  • Social media integration
    Allow users to connect on social media platforms through your app, and witness the increase in numbers!!
  • The matching mechanism
    Swiping is one of the most famous mechanisms, everyone is familiar with. Some applications let you ask questions, send roses, react to pictures and answers, etc. You can choose your own innovative and interesting mechanism for a match, on your dating app.
    So… on with the creative hats already!

What users expect from a dating application?

Users on such platforms are concerned about their safety and privacy. No one wishes to divulge any information to an absolute stranger. The more concerned you are about these two issues, the better your app will fare.

Apart from that, users prefer an interactive UI, which developers now try to incorporate in an app. Suggestive information about a person, for example, their likes, dislikes, passions, beliefs, etc. help others to know them better, before any real conversation takes place.

Users on dating applications for LGBTQ, want things to be convenient and safe for them. The times are changing for the better yes, but there’s still some stigma around different kinds of sexual orientations. Therefore, people belonging to the LGBTQ need to feel secure, accepted and comfortable on such platforms.

How to make money this way?
I won’t just throw ‘ads’ in the air and leave. Yes, there are other ways, apart from advertisements that can make you mint more money!
The answer lies in the dating mechanism of your app… put a limit on that. Allow me to explain; if you have swipes for selecting a profile (IF), then allow only a limited number of swipes in a designated time span. For a higher number of swipes, you can offer subscriptions, premium plans etc. This way, you will get subscribers who want to explore more and you won’t even lose on the customers who don’t want paid services! Win-win… of course yes! Don’t doubt that now.

The final word…

Dating applications have existed for almost a decade now. The social life and structure in present times, mandate something like Tinder, Blixr, Dilooni, etc. All these applications are of a similar kind, but quite different from each other and they have all been widely accepted. Why? Because people get bored with one dating mechanism and are always looking out for newer and more interesting ways to connect with other people.

With entrepreneurs banking on this opportunity of ‘being innovative even if you have started late’, wait no more and create your own dating app in Australia! You have a fair chance of leading the game as everybody prefers fresh and innovative ideas when it comes to dating, meeting new people, making friends, etc.

So, don’t shy away and move ahead with your idea of becoming successful with a platform that allows users to go out on a date.

James is a Software Developer at Techugo- a mobile app development company, is a hard-core musician as well.